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Good day good people. After 7 years of hard work we decided to launch something special, unique and 1st in the world. EA Group decided to sponsor everyone who use our YouTube Grow Service or YouTube Monetized Accounts or Monetize Grow service. YouTube is the biggest platform in the world started before 2007 – 13 years ago and everyday counting billion of dollars from Google Ads which are placed on YouTubers videos. Some people making millions from YouTube like PewDiePie or 5 Minute Crafts.

Can you imagine work from home and not recording yourself if you don’t like (5 Minute Craft is good example for that type of videos) and making more money than with any job before in your life? Now yes, we will help you to start from zero and we will assist in creating online entrepreneur on YouTube from You. Yes you!

Check money making stats for 5 Minute Crafts or for any channel, this is your first lesson from us.

134.456M 61.2%


$33.6K – $537.8K


They have TIER 1 country so it will be arround $200.000 every month in clear pure profit.

They started channel on 15th Nov, 2016 and now counting millions. Worth to try? Sounds like a plan!


What we will do for You in cooperation?

We will fully assist in niche research, help you to understand whole process, help you to learn fast how to make good video edits and production, helping in video uploads, tags research. Tag is keyword used to drive relevant viewers to your channel. For example Yoga Class Video can have Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Tutorials as keywords. In order to be ranked for that keywords when someone search we need to have good quality of production and viewers to boost our uploads. We will help to make money from YouTube and to live from this. All we need and want from You is to use our YouTube Grow service.

Our terms:

  • You need to use our YouTube grow service, starting from $25/month OR to Buy Monetized Channel from us ready to make money OR to buy Monetized Grow service. Cheapest option is $25/ month YT Grow Baby plan but the best option is to buy ready monetized account or to buy subscribers and watch hours to your channel and to apply for monetization.

What are YouTube terms to start making money from videos?

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 watch hours in last 12 months

How to make this process faster?

  • Buy Monetized YouTube Channel from US $197 each (ready to make money) 1000 + subs and over 4000 watch hours.
  • Buy Monetized Service $69 onetime and we will send you 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours which will be 100% safe and REAL. We will create one video for FREE for Your channel where we will send watch hours as example of good upload.
  • Buy YouTube Grow Service from us starting from $25 / month

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How much I need to wait before I start making money?

Depends on option you choose but with monetized account or when buy 1000subs and 4000 watch hours about 30 days. If you are not happy after 30 days with our cooperation we will give you money back (all you invested).

About YouTube Monetized Channels for SALE ($197 Each)

We have monetized accounts for sale with 1k+ subs and over 4000 watch hours already approved monetization. No any strikes on channel, perfect standing with videos on it. Any niche/category is accepted. Also if you want to buy aged accounts we have 2006-2009 accounts.

Few last reviews:

>”+rep Bought an account from 2007 and got it really fast, even got a 2011 account for free :) Awesome service.”


>”Amazing service! I purchased an account from 2008 and i couldn’t be more satisfied. I also got a free account from 2011 :D I highly recommend this service!”


>”Good service, bought an account from 2011 with a 4 years old video. He delivered it fast and everything went smooth”


>”This seller is awesome !! Recomend to everyone .”

>”Bought a old channel with old videos ! thank you very very much”


>”Conveniently, quickly (less than 30 minutes), excellent support! I recommend EA service to all buyers. :cool:


>”Great Seller !

My experience :

Bought 1 – 2008 account !

Channel – 10/10
Seller – 11/10 ( no, really , very great person and fast in asnwering all my questions )

Got also a BONUS FREE YTB account from 2014 ! Nice surprise :D

If you want to buy YTB accounts, look no more ! Honestly !”


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About YouTube 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours required to start making money

> Buy 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours (240 000 minutes watched – 240 000 views on 1 minute video) with 1 FREE Video for Your Channel and APPLY for Monetization in 3 days ( $97 onetime ) – we will process monetization process for You and support you lifetime.

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Buy subscribers without watch hours? 1000 for 25$

Buy Views? 100.000 for 200$

Custom order? Contact us.



About YouTube GROW Service and packets you can buy

We have 3 different packets: baby grow, serious grow and nitro grow.

Baby Grow $25/ month – you will receive random subscribers, views, likes and comments from real people. About 300 subs monthly, 2000-5000 views, ~50 likes ~70comments


Serious Grow $50/ month – you will receive random subscribers, views, likes and comments from real people x3 (Three times more in comparing with Baby GROW)


Nitro Grow $97/ month – you will receive random subscribers, views, likes and comments from real people X5 (Five times more in comparing with Baby Grow)


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If you need custom service, specific number of views, subs or likes for your video contact us with your needs.


Contact us by clicking on button “Contact me” or click here and reach us on whatsapp. (WhatsApp Only) or LiveChat.


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