Recognize and avoid BAD DropShipping SUPPLIERS

In this business to survive you must do all things properly. If you already don’t know that time is money during this business and your grow you will understand that. If you late with shipment customer will ask for money back, if you do job properly and give good customer support to your clients you no need to worry.

Here is a lot of dropshippers who tried and now telling stories that is dropshipping dead. It’s not dead. Dead business will be also if you have your own stock and forget to ship orders. If you doing this business properly you will be just smarter and avoid having goods in stock – all rest will be same like you are manufacturing goods but a lot easier and better. (from my analyse and experience)

There will be always different stories but I can guarantee if you do this job precisely and invest a lot of time in it – a lot of money and success will come to you.

You can do some things to check if supplier is good or bad.

First thing you must do is check all feedbacks he have. Work only with 98%+.. it’s “impossible” to find suppliers with 100% (REAL) feedback score because there will always be unhappy people. Someone is always unhappy no matter what you doing.

Second thing you need to do is reach supplier – contact him and see when you will receive answer. (it’s important because if you never receive reply it’s good account to avoid).

Third thing you can do is research another products he/she selling. If you see only one listed products it’s probably dropshipping and also perfect supplier to avoid.

There is no perfect things but good supplier will have 98%+ feedback score, good seller must answer in 48 hours on messages from clients who want to order for store ( bulk selling ) and good supplier will not stop with doing only one product.. if he doing good job he will scale, like you? for sure!

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