FREE DropShipping Business SETUP – Supported on Shopify & Woocommerce Stores ONLY

[FEW SLOTS LEFTTo APPLY for FREE DropShipping Business SET UP & save your slot message me on WhatsApp]

[ ! ] — If you want to keep your existing store but want to grow business we still can assist. Reach our support and send your existing store URL.

[ ! ] — If you want to open store on WooCommerce we still can help you to setup business and to start with business  Reach our support and explain situation.



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Let’s get first results together, faster, easier and more professional!

Why I offer FREE Business set up when Shopify Experts & gurus like Tai Lopez or Adrian Morrison bill more than $999 for this service?

Because I have my own stores and living from it (just want to help others who are struggling to get first sales or extra income) plus I’m Affiliated with Shopify and I will get commissions for my work because you will use as platform BUT only if you stay on Also guys, this is not about selling courses, I just help people in my free time. Shopify is Amazing. It’s perfect for new users, amazing experience. It’s a must try! Also I’m partnered with WooCommerce, it’s free wordpress plugin which is more and more popular with full control. If you ask me it’s better than Shopify because and if they are my partners they can shut down your store anytime without explanation.

This is FULL Business SETUP from store setup, marketing strategy and source setup and support as long you are a / WordPress/Woocommerce user. This strategy is special because you have 0$ investment. Cover only fees OR use FREE WOOCOMMERCE and discover amazing DropShipping features.

If you want to verify if I’m Shopify Partner (Affiliate) you can reach live chat. Also all our developers are partnered with Shopify and WordPress/Woocommerce.


1st in the world, FREE Mentoring! For everyone. We also support COVID-19 situation.

  • I’m starting agency for worldwide and all I want is, to gain positive reviews for my agency so I can brand my services in future.

Review from my first business partner from United States!

She is professional life coach/online teacher and I helped to increase sales in that field. In most cases I ask to build new store because of good brand name and everything. Before working with me, she spent some money on fb ads and no sales. Many factors can affect, let’s analyse your case and let’s be positive, like a result of my service? But results are individual and depends on multiple factors including your mindset, motivation and speed of taking actions. From our side you will get all you need if you want to work to start making passive income.


Buy Ready Store (STORES Shop) | SELL on Instagram with US (click here) | Register company for TAX Saving and Stripe to accept credit cards and if you are not in approved countries | 



I decided to sponsor my future students who failed or want to try dropshipping work at home business model. You don’t need to have any skills, bunch of money or anything special. All you need is positive mindset and listen to our guidance, we will take care about rest.

** WE MUST OPEN A NEW STORE! Because only way I can offer FREE service is when you use my partner URL for creating your shopify store or woocommerce. OR You can keep your old store and pay me $499 for my work. FREE Service is ONLY FOR NEW STORES registered using my Shopify partner URL or WooCommerce partner URL.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells, in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

How we make money here? It’s simple. We build online store and find product for $5 on Ali Express, for example. After that we add that product in our store for $20 for example & we start promoting using FREE Instagram Traffic. Each time someone order from our site we receive on our PayPal $20 & keep ~$15 profit and we just pay on Ali-express $5 & directly we ship to customer’s address.

Why is this best online business for low budget starters?

This is the best business you can run ONLINE without advanced skills. Also require low budget to start. (which is amazing because a lot of businesses require XXX$-XXXX$ to start with profits. Also NO inventory, you use every seller’s inventory! Later you can grow in your own brand and increase selling prices to sky! All you need to have is $29 for Shopify after trial / or 19.99$ for wordpress/woocommerce because we can’t finish all stuff and get rich during trial period. “Success is not overnight”. (First sale will return invested for first month) and second sale will cover next month fees from business profit.

My Shopify and WordPress nickname is EALEAD so you are protected by sponsor — and

We want starting reviews and the best way to gain real reviews and trust is to offer work for free. Shopify and WordPress/ Woocommerce helped us because they will cover part of our hard work we are doing for you.

Run ONLINE Store Business WITH ME using Ali Express inventory – order after you received money from client. No investment for inventory – DropShipping business benefit. No problems regarding slow shipping times, we have the best possible solution for that.

(using only free traffic sources (Instagram organic traffic) which will increase profit margin and also it can be mostly automated.. working when you are away from keyboard)

FREE LIMITED TIME (NOW Free for you but limited offer)

  •  learn to work with free traffic
  •  BECAME CERTIFIED E-COMMERCE Expert [diploma included] so you can teach others
  •  sell products for ~$40 with 80% profit
  •  included niche research & store setup
  •  generate free targeted traffic which convert
  •  we will work with you until you can continue alone

Steps from reading this article to opening profitable store with me (FOR FREE)?

First READ this post carefully, once you complete if you understand everything and agree contact me so we can start with our journey. Hurry, because I will bill when I reach cap for sponsored seat. Reach me on WhatsApp. Once you reach me I will schedule start time and I will give you first step which will be registering a new SHOPIFY or WordPress/Woocommerce store.


I will send you URL and you just need to open store with 14 days free trial. After 14 days Shopify cost about $29 monthly but it’s worth specially for starters and Shopify is our Partner and that’s why you use it, FREE Mentor is only for users or WordPress/Woocommerce only 19.99$/mo for hosting fees. Once you finish with registration I will ask you to create admin account for me so I can finish store set up in 6 days. In 4 days after setting up store we will set up Instagram account and our free marketing strategy & direct message and comment templates which we will use with our special strategy. Our strategy is the reason why free traffic works like a charm and you will be excited a lot when you see our thing in action!

Once we finish with that we will move forward to marketing and grabbing free traffic and potential customers.

Sales Must be here after the hard-work we will do and you will do, no hard work no sales. Prepare positive mindset also.. Please when you contact me have in mind that I’m doing this FREE and building BUSINESS for YOU (show respect ) which can make you earn a lot online. (but not guaranteed 100%, results are individual but I guarantee 100% that all information here is TRUE and LEGIT from this post.. Try to save my time and do actions like I’m guiding you – it will be better for both sides and another client will get me faster.

I hope it will be fast with your actions and our actions, once we receive first sales and you see profit please leave honest review about my human service and thank Shopify – WordPress/Woocommerce for this opportunity for both of us.

I will accept only good people in my program – I need only positive & hard worker persons. 

PLEASE IF YOU DON’T HAVE $29 for Shopify or 19.99$ for Wordpress/Woocommerce (better solution and cheaper) don’t contact me because that’s impossible mission.

Buy Ready Store (STORES Shop) | SELL on Instagram with US (click here) | Register company for TAX Saving and Stripe to accept credit cards and if you are not in approved countries | 


  • FREE Store SET UP & Design
  • FREE Professional Logo
  • FREE Social Media Strategy + Setup (Instagram)
  • FREE PRODUCT Research
  • FREE 24/7 SUPPORT as long you are Shopify // WordPress/Woocommerce customer
  • FREE Premium domain (.com or .online or .shop) for FIRST YEAR by Shopify // WordPress/Woocommerce (usually cost about $15)
  • FREE Instagram Account setup which we will use for generating sales. I will also write professional message templates for customer support and post awesome content. Everything is affect to conversion ratio.
  • FREE Pages setup (which will convert our classic store to hot converting store when we combine with IG free strategy – it’s tested and we have our own businesses older than 2 years without any interrupts).
  • FREE SCALING Method After 60 days when/if you have already sales we will teach you how to scale your store again using same free traffic for getting more and more visitors. It’s possible to do $500 per day in profits using our method but not after first month. In first month expect up to $100 in profit. But nothing is guaranteed. No promises. This is just example and recent results someone made using this business.

What you need to have to start this business?

You need to have positive mindset and be a good listener. Also you need some investment for start and it will be only Shopify FEE which is $29 monthly after 14 days trial which will provide Shopify or WordPress/Woocommerce $19.99, so you can see if we have potential in 14 days and continue if you are happy with our progress. Marketing is FREE and my work is FREE if you hurry and reach me before this offer is closed so it will be easy to see profit and back invested. With one SALE $40-50 (and product cost $10) you will back invested and be in PROFIT with me. Do the maths!

One Mentor-ship usually cost about $999 which will bring you results & any paid advertising way requires $500+ budget.

To START DropShipping BUSINESS with us you need only $29 for first month Shopify or Wordpress/Woocommerce 19.99$.

Grab Your chance for FREE before it’s finished! After Shopify / WordPress/Woocommerce decide to stop this sponsored journey I will bill for my work in moral price range so everyone can buy it.

What you need to do?

Contact ME on WhatsApp &

Just listen my guideance and do exact like I tell you & you will say thanks later.

(In return, I’m asking for a good review from your side)

What if I fail?

Change your mindset and always be positive, you can’t fail with the right guidance. Contact me before it’s switched to paid plan.

Can I make million from Drop-shipping? can I live from this?

Of course! There are 1000+ online dropshipping stores with million profits. Like or ! WordPress/Woocommerce helped millions of people to build businesses and Shopify / WordPress/Woocommerce is trusted by more than 800.000 merchants. I live from this exact method but results are individual.

If you listen me and do hard work we will GET TRAFFIC in OUR FIRST MONTH with 1-3h daily work like freelance activity. Every next month will be better. More traffic, more potential customers!

To Sign up for  “FREE Mentor – We assist you” service you need to:

CLICK on WhatsApp LINK and Write me on WhatsApp. Tell me that you are interested for this free program and that’s all! I will answer ASAP but when you send message you are IN. We are a team but we’re humans after all, so please be patient with your messaging. Little understanding on how hard this job is, that I’m doing for my people and myself, is very appreciated.

WhatsApp :

You will see something like this, just click on “MESSAGE” and reach me on WhatsApp!

This will be amazing experience for You. That’s of course FREE and included in this session & YOU WILL GET A LOT OF FREE SERVICES & products!

EVERYTHING OFFERED HERE IS FREE AND THIS OFFER DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY MONEY for ||  (only $29 you will pay to shopify after 14-day trial expire OR Wordpress/Woocommerce 19.99$ better and cheaper).

THIS IS ONE AND ONLY CHANCE WHERE YOU CAN CREATE BUSINESS FOR FREE. I created this method for low budget starters so you will not INVEST in PAID ADS or anything! All we will pay is Shopify/ WordPress/Woocommerce monthly fees rest we will get for free. using / WordPress/Woocommerce platform to SELL is one and only on Worldwide-web with FREE DropShipping Business SETUP! If you don’t trust, do your own research!


BOTTOM LINE: To explain everything in few sentences. I will create Shopify // WordPress/Woocommerce Dropshipping Business for you for FREE because of I need starting reviews and Shopify Affiliate Commissions. So you are FREE of any costs to me or any media which is my property. You need to have a positive mindset and $29 to cover first Shopify // WordPress/Woocommerce month. With first sale we will cover $29 or 19$ for WordPress/Woocommerce you invested and we will start with profits (someone hits sales in first days and someone gives up, choice is yours and results are individual).

YOU don’t have any to pay any ad fees and we will help you to create social accounts you need & help in setup for free and legit ways to gain potential customers/traffic, also will create FREE Logo, FREE Domain .com or .online or .shop, Store setup&design, marketing strategy and creating sales for You! We will research niche for You and add product examples with perfect optimised titles and descriptions so you can get inspired and make your own better and unique. If/After you are making good traffic/potential buyers in 30-60 days from day when we started, I will teach you how to scale traffic/potential buyers to bigger amount with free ways if it is possible, if not, I will help with FB Ads campaign setup!

Let’s do everything step by step, you can’t get rich over night – it’s a process. It needs patience, there’s no magic to get money in one night, its just lies and fake hopes.

What you waiting for? Contact me and reserve your FREE DropShipping Business SET UP NOW!

WhatsApp me NOW and reserve Your seat!

Say : “I want to know more!”


Buy Ready Store (STORES Shop) | SELL on Instagram with US (click here) | Register company for TAX Saving and Stripe to accept credit cards and if you are not in approved countries | 


Random review:








Archived project EASHOPY to check my skills (2017-2018 project):


can I donate money if I’m happy with your FREE Service?

We will not bill you one single penny for this service but you can donate if you are happy with our work and your business results and our free service. It’s not hard to back invested when you did not invest in mentoring and working with free traffic?!

  • 25% from donated money will be transferred to charity automatically


** DISCLAIMER :This content is property of United States of America LLC and I have full rights to show this stats. Enis Alic aka EALEAD aka aka // Wordpress/Woocommerce OFFICIAL PARTNER is entrepreneur who is making deals between sellers and buyers, sellers and payment processors, sellers and suppliers and for  big money makers ($5.000 profit by month or more) I will help you to pay TAXES on earnings and open LLC to save Taxes!

If your country have BIG TAXES I suggest opening llc in Wyoming or Sychelles or Belize and pay taxes like it’s stated in law of company location. Company cost around $300 to form and I will assist you also. Opening a company will give you more benefits that you can think, you can work with USA payment processors like Stripe or Shopify payments and you can have also PayPal. No worries! We want to be in rules with country laws. I also can help you if/when your business grow ($5.000 profit by month) to register a company and pay taxes (if tax in your country is big) so your country will be happy. No matter if you are from India or US, you can open company in USA remotely online without visiting and pay taxes which are really small for that locations. Someone call it tax havens. Some of USA locations have fixed TAX which is around $300 per year so I will strongly recommend one of tax havens for future when you see profits.

So it means you earn $50.000 by year and your tax will be around $500 for tax havens I will also teach you that when it’s time for that. First let’s build something which is worth registering company and paying taxes.



Buy Ready Store (STORES Shop) | SELL on Instagram with US (click here) | Register company for TAX Saving and Stripe to accept credit cards and if you are not in approved countries | 

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